The Land Plot Pack

What's Included in Your Glenmore or Kingsdale Land Plot Pack?

With each land plot purchased you will receive:

  • A personalised plot certificate
  • A map of the island of Sanday
  • A Glenmore or Kingsdale crest print
  • An Ordnance Survey map of the plot location
  • An information sheet about Sanday
  • A credit card size plastic plot card
  • A presentation folder to hold the documents

All the documents in the plot pack are printed on A4 size paper making it easy to find a suitable frame if you wish to frame any of the documents.

Personalised Plot Certificate


Each plot certificate is personalised with the name of the recipient and if requested, can include the title of Lord, Laird or Lady. The certificate can also be dated for a specific date such as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas day.

The certificate sets out the terms of the land plot purchase, and has been drawn up by a Scottish lawyer to ensure that it is a legally valid document.

The certificates are printed on a heavyweight 175gram parchment style paper and are individually hand signed by the estate owner.

A red seal ws then attached to the certificate and this is then embossed with the official Highland Heritage seal.


A Map of Sanday


We commissioned a specially designed map of the island of Sanday to accompany the land plot certificate.

The map is printed on the same parchment paper as the plot certificate and highlighs a number of historic features of the island, its main roads and the location of tourist facilities which may be of interes should you visit the island.

Many of our customers have also framed the map with their plot certificates.


Glenmore or Kingsdale Crest Print


The Glenmore or Kingsdale crest print features a larger version of the Glenmore or Kingsdale crest from the plot certificate.

The Glenmore crest features a red lion rampant, while the Kingsdale crest features a stag emblem.

The text on the crest print gives information on the history and wildlife found on the island and is also printed on 175gram parchment paper, making it also suitable for framing.

Ordnance Survey Map and Other Information


Also included in the plot pack is an Ordanance Survey map of the plot location to enable you visit the area where the plots are located.

Ordnance Survey are the national mapping agency for the United Kingdom, and are one of the world's largest producers of maps. Our map is printed under licence from Ordnance Survey.

We also include a smaller map giving a wider view of the area used for the land plots, and an additional sheet giving information on the history and wildlife found on Sanday.


Plastic Plot Card


Attached inside the presentation folder you will find a credit card size plastic plot card printed with the same image used on the presentation folder.

The card is made to the same specification as bank credit or debit cards, and is printed with the plot number purchased and has a signature panel for the registered purchaser to sign.

The reverse of the card has our postal address and website address for future reference.

Presentation Folder


All the land plot documents are sent in a high quality presentation folder, and we have had many positive comments from our customers on the quality of the folder.

The folder is printed on heavy 400gsm art card and is gloss laminated on the outside for durability.

The reverse of the folder features a map of Scotland overlaid with either a Glenmore or Kingsdale crest.

The folder is a great way to present the land plot package as a gift.