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These are a small selection of the many customer reviews we have received for our Glenmore and Kingsdale land plots.

Klaus-Dieter Heidmann, Germany

We write the year 2020. My "family" of plot owners has steady grown (just like promised).
We now are 9 "Kingsdales" and 8 "Glenmores" and there is no end to see, because erverybody
has family and friends to surprise with a piece of land and a title.
I like to use the chance to give thanks to the team of Highland Heritage Services for the very
kind and flexible help they gave to me. As a satisfied client now and in future!

Lord Stephen R.

Yeah purchased 2 times so far and I must say professional services. Every time I had a question and or instructions . They accomplish correctly all tasks fast shipping. For myself I've gotten both " Glenmore and Kingsdale " plots very cool Lord / Laird of both.. I'm planning to get a few items they offer. Like a tartan tie and or another item , Seriously Thanks Highland Heritage Service for this amazing offer and your world class professionalism.

Klaus-D. Heidmann, Germany

Meanwhile (it began 2004) I have purchased 5 "Kingsdale" and 2 "Glenmore" Plots. It are great gifts to special birthdays or weddings. The documents were delivered within shortest time and the procedure was very pleasant. I think I will order in future, when I need something unusual and special.

Kelly M

Great idea and product. The staff where lovely and helpful my order arrived very speedily. Will definitely recommend.

Garth J

Thank you so much. Made a wonderful gift for my daughters 18th :)

Donna R

Absolutely fantastic service. I am so grateful for all your help. On top of this the certificates are gorgeous and I'm thrilled with the quality. Can't recommend enough. Thanks again!

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